tegaferm Holding GmbH
2372 Giesshuebl bei Wien
Schillerstrasse 26 a, Austria

Telefon: +43 /2236/205 189
Telefax: +43 /2236/205 18919
E-mail: office@tegaferm.com
тегаферм Холдинг ГмбХ 2372 Гийсхюбл у Вены Шиллерштрасcе 26a, Австрия

Company Profile

tegaferm Holding GmbH was formed in May 2002 in Giesshuebl near Vienna, Austria and relies on three decades of world-wide expertise of Theodor Gams in the enzyme field.

Mr. Gams, a food- and biotechnologist graduated at the Vienna University of Agriculture, started his career in the enzyme field as Technical Service Manager with Miles Kali Chemie (later Solvay Enzymes) in Hannover, Germany. In 1978 he formed Biocon GmbH, the German subsidiary of Biocon Ltd. (now Kerry Bio-Science) in Ireland, and served 10 years as General Manager with personal responsibility for both sales and technical service.

In 1988 Mr. Gams formed his own GAMMA CHEMIE GmbH in Munich. Based on broad technical know-how in product development, enzyme formulation and application and with excellent staff and market experience in Central and Eastern Europe, the company developed to the well-known gammazym® group with subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. This group was acquired in May 2002 by AB Enzymes and continues in operation.

tegaferm Holding GmbH initially specialized in the distribution of enzymes to Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Due to excellent results, the sales organisation is rapidly expanding by co-operating with various companies, especially in Central- and Eastern Europe, where tegaferm is in a postion to offer their enzymes competitively. Depending on agreements, tegaferm sells also directly to end-users in special fields of enzyme application. The main industrial markets for tegaferm Holding GmbH are distilling, fruit juice, brewing and baking, but also specialty enzymes for technical and food applications are supplied.